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fake_100's Journal

FAKE 100
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Welcome to fake_100, a FAKE drabble community. Anyone is free to join, but please keep our rules in mind.


1.) This is a drabble community. A drabble is a piece of fiction that is exactly 100 words. Please put drabbles under livejournal cuts to save buddy lists. The ratings we will accept are from G(K) to NC-17 (NOTE: PLEASE label NC-17 drabbles correctly. Your mod is fond of PWPs, but your kicks are other peoples' squicks, and some people read their LJs at work.) Ratings/warnings are requested, and should be placed before livejournal cuts.

The following sample post headers may be used/modified by our authors/artists. ALL POSTS REQUIRE AUTHOR NAME, A RATING AND A DISCLAIMER.

Sample Drabble Intro

Word Count:
Spoilers: [optional]
Warnings: [optional]
Characters/Pairings: [optional]
Notes: [optional]

2.) We will have weekly 'challenges', which are meant to inspire . If one of these inspires you, please place the challenge number in the subject line, to cut down on confusion (at least on the mods' side). NOTE: The term 'weekly' is subject to change, depending on how busy life gets.

3.) gracie_musica is your moderator. I'm pretty easygoing, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to email me at gracie_musica@hotmail.com.

5.) PLAGERISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If one of your fellow authors inspires you, say so before the drabble. If we catch you plagerising, you will be kicked out. NO EXCEPTIONS.

6.) This community is FANFICTION ONLY. Any other notes will be monitored by the mods, and are subject to deletion at our discretion.

7.) Rules are subject to change, and shall be posted in the community. If you have any questions about the rules, please email me at gracie_musica@hotmail.com.

8.) The penalties for breaking the rules are as follows: Two warnings; a month's moderated posting; a month's banning; permanent banning from the community. We really don't want to moderate or ban anyone from our community, so please follow our rules.
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